Bloombaths Candle store presents :
**SMOKED VANILLA ( with a hint of ylang ylang)**
Soy wax candle
An intriguing, rustic and masculine fragrance that balances smoke and creamy vanilla notes with spices to tone down the sweetness generally found in vanilla based fragrances. It is praised for its stimulating properties and exotic fragrance. The overall effect is purifying, refreshing, and energizing.

100% Soywax, Shea butter and essential oil mix creates the wonderful aromatic, soothing and smokeless bloombaths candle.
We have given a mix of gemstone touch to all our candles for an extra appeal
Open the jar and smell the aroma of jasmine field, timeless rose or mystic camellia. We have launched six enchanting variants with exotic aroma in all these little jars
They have capacity to light your vibe for complete 32 hours non stop



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