We love all kinds of perfume, which is why we think it’s high time to call attention to one of our favourite variations—the oil fragrance made with pure essential oils.

This variant includes:


Top note:-Rose oil (flower oil)

Middle note:- Sandal wood ( essential oil)

Base note:- Clean cotton ( flower essential oil)


They are organically made with pure essential oils.

Why to choose perfume oil?

*They last longer.

*They’re less likely to be irritating on skin.

*Higher concentration in oil fragrances often makes them smell stronger and richer, but they’re less likely than alcohol-based perfumes to leave behind a sillage or trail.

*They stay close to the skin and radiate outward thanks to the warmth of your pulse points, but you’ll feel like you’re wearing a scent rather than having a scent wear you.


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₹299.00Sale Price
  • Perfume oils typically come in rollerball form, so you can control exactly where the perfume is applied. They’re ideal for layering and, unlike a traditional spritz where you walk around in a cloud of scent, perfume oils are more subtle and focused. As if the long-lasting scent wasn’t enough, perfume oils are less irritating than sprays, largely due to the absence of alcohol, making them an absolute dream for sensitive skin. What’s more, oils are hydrating and help enhance the skin’s moisture barrier while adding a delicious scent. Not to mention, rollerballs are ideal for travel and on-the-go touchups as there’s no risk of spillage and they easily fit in even the smallest bag.