With 70% Shea butter and cocoa butter mix; Soy milk and coconut oil benefits in one shampoo bar.

This ultra rich shampoo bar has amazing hair conditioning properties.

Shea butter helps relieve many scalp problems such as dandruff and cradle cap in infants. It can be used whether your scalp is dry or oily. On oily scalp, it helps reduce excessive oil production by theskin glands. It can moisturize dry scalp and reduce flaking due to dryness.

If you are trying to let your hair grow, cocoa butter will help you keep your hair healthy and soft in the process. Much like coconut oil, cocoa butter has healing and softening properties that will make your hair healthy and shiny. Also, it smells delicious.

Soy milk can have a good impact on your hair. It can stimulate better hair growth to improve its appearance. For frizzy and unmanageable hair too, soy milk can be beneficial. 

Hair Conditioning Shampoo Bar

₹300.00 Regular Price
₹250.00Sale Price
  • Our Soap bars are free from SLS, Parabens or other harsh chemicals. They are 100% handmade. Due to Pure oils and butters , these bars tend to become little soggy when kept in water for longer durations. for longevity, please store them in dry cool place after each use.

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