Our lemongrass soap is made with high-quality lemongrass essential oil that delivers a number of benefits to your skin and well-being. It's a natural analgesic so it will reduces inflammation. Plus, it inhibits microbial and bacteria growth on the body, keeping you clean and healthier.

Reap the benefits of Green tea's antioxidant properties with this rejuvenating, moisturizing, creamy soap with a warm woodsy citrus scent loved by men (and women too!

The intoxicating aromas of the lemongrass essential oil blend created for this exotic soap are reminiscent of a cedar citrus forest.

  • Organic virgin shea and cocoa butters are excellent moisturizers that help nourish skin and prevent moisture loss
  • Finely ground organic Green Tea leaves act as a gentle exfoliant to give skin a healthy glow
  • It works amazing with Oily skin. -85 gms

Lemongrass field

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  • Our Soap bars are free from SLS, Parabens or other harsh chemicals. They are 100% handmade. Due to Pure oils and butters , these bars tend to become little soggy when kept in water for longer durations. for longevity, please store them in dry cool place after each use.